Harvest Schedule :


 We will have both yellow and white peaches throughout the peach season from early July through mid-September as well as a limited number of nectarines and plums. Many varieties ripen over several weeks each overlapping one another. Harvest dates also vary depending on weather. Our apple trees will begin ripening in early September and go well into the fall.



Early July varieties: Sugar May, Sentry, Arctic Rose & Sweet Plum

Mid July varieties: Glengo, Sugar May & Sentry

Late July: White Lady & John Boy & Glengo

Early August: John Boy, White Lady, Sugar Lady

Mid August: Loring, Harmony, PF-23, Sugar Giant

Late August: Cresthaven, PF-23, Prune Plums , Encore

Early September: Encore, Snow King

Mid-September: Snow Giant, September Snow


Early September: Honeycrisp, Fuji

Mid September: Jonagold de Coster, Golden Delicious,

Early October: Suncrisp

Mid-October: Cameo, Arkansas Black