Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for when our farm is open. We are open limited weekends to correspond with our orchard availability and around our wedding and event schedule. Please do not stop by during the week as we are a private residence and working farm.




Pick your own: fee for admission to our farm and orchard is $5.00 per car plus market price per pound for fruit picked.

Our venue fee ranges depending on the date, spaces, equipment and décor included. Please use our INQUIRE WITH US to obtain more details on celebrating an event at our farm.



Picking Fruit:

Be gentle with our trees they are heavy with fruit and their branches are at their maximum capacity. Never climb trees. Pull gently on ripened fruit and you will find it will fall easily. Each variety has a period of several weeks over which fruit ripens. Do not pick fruit already on the ground as it may be contaminated from wild animals, it is considered a health hazard. All fruit should be thoroughly washed before being eaten.


Growing Practices:

We practice “integrated pest management” which means we monitor our fields for damage and then make decisions on how best to manage the problem. We utilize both organic, non-organic and beneficial insects to combat damage to our crops.



Dogs & Other Pets:

Our farm is home to many animals so unfortunately it is a health and safety concern for our animals and other guests for you to bring your dog unless it is a service animal. We love dogs so please do not bring your dog to the farm.



What to Bring:

Reusable shopping bags to collect your fruit. Suitable shoes or boots such as those you would wear for hiking, protective clothing for being out in full sun with tall grass and prickly weeds, bug spray, sunscreen and water. If you are allergic to stings do not forget to bring your medications.




We donate a portion of our orchard admission fee to various animal charities. If you would like to leave an additional donation check you may make your check out to: Bailing Out Benji. We also have volunteers who gleen our fields and we donate the food to various food banks. If you would like to be a volunteer please send us an email.



General Policies:

We reserve the right to request any visiting party to leave the farm if they are not respecting boundaries open for visiting, not respecting our animals, our trees or other guests. Do not climb any tree or structure. Do not enter any farm building not open or get on any farm equipment. Your visit is your agreement that you will respect our rules and that your visit is at your own risk. Once admitted, refunds are not given for rain or inclement weather.